Lucy Quinn Fabray | Glee (hadtimeofmylife) wrote,
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25 Day Quinn challenge

25 Day Quinn challenge

Day 1- favorite screencaps

Day 2- favorite candid pictures

Day 3- favorite gif

Day 4- favorite episode

Day 5 - favorite relationship (canon)

Day 6 - favorite relationship (fanon)

Day 7- favorite kiss

Day 8 - favorite friendship

Day 9- favorite scene with each character

Day 10- favorite solo

Day 11- favorite duet

Day 12- favorite group performance

Day 13- favorite non-Glee performance

Day 14- favorite quote

Day 15- favorite solo scene

Day 16- favorite live performance from the “Glee Tour Live 2011”

Day 17- favorite “Glee” behind the scenes video

Day 18- a scene that made you laugh

Day 19- a scene that made you cry

Day 20- favorite outfit

Day 21- favorite hairstyle

Day 22- favorite moment

Day 23- When my love for Quinn started

Day 24- When my love for Dianna started

Day 25- Quinn Fabray is my favorite character because...
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