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Verses with [info]dontcrysammy

I Just Need Somebody To love: After breaking up, Sam and Quinn finally settle their differences after  Quinn apologies for hurting Sam. They are now finally back together with Sam and his family living with Quinn and her mother.

Future!Verse of Canon AU: (Set seven years after they started dating again.) Sam and Quinn are  married and expecting their first child. They both have successful  careers. Quinn works at a law firm and Sam owns his own comic book  store, they also own their own house. Currently they have been married  almost four years.

Verses with [info]imthenewguy

Addicted To You: This verse takes place at the beginning of season 2, when Sam and Quinn first meet. Only difference? During the summer before school Quinn was  turned into a vampire by a guy she had one date with. Now she's head  cheerleader again, but she also had to resist the urge to feed on  humans, mainly Sam. Because for some reason, she just can't get enough of him. And that could be a deadly thing because he himself can't get enough of her.

Afternoon Delight: Quinn is the President's daughter and Sam is hired help. They come from two completely different worlds and even though both know they will never be more than a secret, they still end up falling in love with each other, always escaping to a secret tree house that Sam had fixed up on the property. Where they both also lost their virginity to each other. Even though they both are madly in love with the other, they know things will remain a secret, even if both wish they could be public.

All These Secrets: Sam is dating Mercedes and Quinn? She doesn't like it, no one bit.  After seeing Sam and Mercedes at the Lima Bean, holding hands and laughing, she gets upset and Sam runs after her. Later, he goes to her house to talk and they end up having sex. Are they going to have a secret relationship while Sam still dates Mercedes? Possibly because right now Quinn isn't ready for another relationship and Sam doesn't want to be alone, but she can't stay away from him and he can't stay away from her.

Canon AU: In this verse Sam is back at McKinley, but isn't chasing after Mercedes. He wants Quinn, but is too scared to try that road again because of their past. So for now, they're working on being friends, even as they both still have those old feelings lingering.

Second Chances: Sam and Quinn have started dating again and after Quinn's mother had  said that Sam and his family couldn't live with them, she moved out,  staying in the same motel as Sam. She has things to prove and she's going to prove them. After almost getting separated from Sam because her mother didn't approve, the pair ended up going to California and getting married. Now they have their own apartment while seniors in high school and for the most part, they are happier than they ever have been.

Somebody To Love: Set some years after high school, Quinn stayed in Lima - becoming a real estate agent - and ended up marrying Finn, with Sam going off to college first with a scholarship. After getting injured, Sam ended up becoming a well-known male model. Now with Sam's recent visit to Lima, he went to see Quinn and after years of built up tension between the two who never got over the other, can an affair be enough for them both? Or will one end up wanting more?

Something Never Said: Quinn and Sam have been best friends since they were five. They did everything together and Sam always protected her as much as he could. Even during high school when their friends and priorities had changed. Now a year after high school, Quinn has finally told Sam that for a year or so she has been in love with him and they're trying a relationship. Which so far seems to be working out great.

Teacher/Student: Basically Quinn is a student in high school, Sam the History teacher who have a secret relationship going on. Will their relationship survive being a secret?

Verses with [info]dafinnocence

Unexpected Family: After having sex one night, that neither remember over a month later Quinn finds out she is pregnant. This time, the baby actually is Finn's. But will he believe her or call her a liar because of their past?

Verses with [info]singingprodigy

Power Couple: After spending time together - and having certain things in common (like those they wanted dumping them for the other) - Quinn and Jesse start dating. They know they are gorgeous people, but together? Who could ever beat them in anything? Also, Quinn just might be good for him. Watch out, McKinley. The new power couple is here and nothing can stand in their way.

Verses with [info]dancnwithmyself

Keeps Getting Better: After becoming close their senior year of high school, half way through Artie and Quinn started to date. Sure, they seemed like the most unlikely couple ever, but they somehow worked. Artie balanced her out, brought her ideas more down to Earth and she felt like she made him braver in some ways. Their relationship only grew once they got into college and their second year of college Artie proposed to Quinn and she happily accepted. She was so eager to marry the man she loved, that within days after graduating from college, they got married. It wasn't until soon after Quinn realized she was pregnant. Now married six years,both well into their careers and their lives comfortable with their five-year old daughter Rebecca - who just started school - they've made plans to finally expand their family.

Verses with puckingaround

Canon AU: Puck and Quinn are together, living in an apartment and working on their relationship and love for each other while dealing with the drama of senior year and glee club.

Speak Now: Quinn ended up getting Beth back about a year after high school, but never told Puck. While back in Lima Puck was out with his dog and saw Quinn and a now seven year old Beth out for ice cream. After talking, she finally decided Puck could be in Beth life. But after having sex on a beach and then finding out Puck was engaged, if anything will come from it isn't certain.

Firefighter verse: Puck ended up saving Quinn from a fire when her house started on fire late one night. Now she is living with him temporarily until her house is fixed. Though things are now happening between them.

The Football Coach and Cheerleader: Puck is a football coach currently counselor at a cheerleading camp. He knows he shouldn't like Quinn the way he does and Quinn has developed a crush on him. Both being more open and honest and kind to each other than anyone else.

Verses with selfmade_hero

On the Rise:  Quinn has abilities, basically copying those of others she comes in contact with. She didn't know about it until it started happening. Which was after she started dating Rick, who also has abilities, to create things from pictures. As of now they are engaged and have twins William and Rebecca.

Slipping: Quinn worked for the company that gave her abilities, basically being their secret weapon who was supposed to take down 2D. She was also dating Rick at the same time and soon found out they were the same person. She's now on the run with Rick, herself and Beth.

Mirror: Quinn was born with abilities in this verse where Rick wasn't and had been injected to be given abilities. He is now locked up inside the company, Quinn being the one to work with him and his abilities and try to 'train' him to work for the company.

Verses with notinviteit

Unnamed verse: Quinn is a college student and currently dating and living with Dr. Andy Yablonski.

Verses with finn_cant_dance

Canon AU: Finn and Rachel ended up breaking up, but not because Finn had sex with Quinn, but because he defended Quinn against Rachel. Now they are trying to have a relationship for the third time. Either third times the charm or three strikes, you're out. They just don't know yet which it is.

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